March 9, 2018

Somebody's Daughter By: David Bell ARC Mini Review

Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for providing a free ebook copy of Somebody's Daughter By: David Bell in exchange for an honest review. 

It's thrillers like Somebody's Daughter that are the reason I have so many trust issues. Whew, so many of the characters in this book are hiding secrets! I really didn't like any of the characters (in a good way), except Michael's wife, Angela. I loved her character, but with some of the things that happened I wanted her to get a little more feisty. I won't give spoilers, but let me just say a few of the things that involved Michael and his ex-wife Erica would have made me very irritated. Then again maybe Angela doesn't read as many thrillers as I do and so she doesn't have as many trust issues? Ha!

The story is a bit of a slow burn at first, but then the pace picks up and the plot gets very INTENSE. I had to stop myself from racing through the book to get to the end. I desperately wanted to know what happened to Felicity and who her biological dad was. There are some very well done twists and turns in Somebody's Daughter. When I finally got to the end I wasn't disappointed. The ending was unexpected, even though looking back there are a few clues woven into the story. I love when that happens! That shows excellent writing skills in my opinion. Overall Somebody's Daughter is a fantastic thriller and I would recommend it for sure. 

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