October 25, 2016

The Dead House By: Dawn Kurtagich Review

Short Review Summary: 
Unique story with great twists and excellent writing.

I am in shock after finishing The Dead House. I am in shock because I can't believe that it's Dawn Kurtagich's debut novel. If I didn't know that this is her debut novel I would have never guessed. It's that well written and the story is that fantastic. The entire idea behind the book is just fascinating and the execution is magnificent. 

I LOVE stories that really screw with your head and this one certainly does. I had no idea where the story was going or at times what exactly was going on. The Dead House is full of dark twists and turns and kept me on my toes. 

Another thing that I really enjoyed about The Dead House is the format. I'm a fan of any unique way to tell a story.  The format reminded me of a mix of the Illuminae and House of Leaves formats. The story is told through journal entries, police interviews, film transcripts, and more. 

Overall The Dead House is excellent and one of my new favorite books. The writing is on point, the story is different, the twists aren't predictable, and some parts are pretty creepy. The story isn't exactly what I was expecting, but it was way better! I can't wait to read And the Trees Crept In. I'm hoping to read that one before the month is over. 

I recommend The Dead House for fans of YA horror, psychological horror, and fans of books with fun formats. 

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