August 28, 2016

Dorothy Must Die By: Danielle Paige Review

Dorothy Must Die is DAAAAAARK!! I was definitely not expecting this book to be so dark. Hell, I probably would have read it sooner if I had known. This book really does not hold back at all. There is one part that really shocked me. I loved that. :P This is a fantastic twist on The Wizard of Oz.

At first I didn't really care for Amy. Okay, let's face it most people love Dorothy (not me, I think she's ALRIGHT), but you have to give Amy a chance. Once I got to see more of Amy's personality she really grew on me. She was a little annoying in the very beginning of the novel, but later you can see how spunky she is. Also, Amy is very flawed, which I like that a lot in a character. I did not like her pet rat though. 

Dorothy Must Die is a very captivating story and it's written extremely well. The characters and world are so vivid and well developed. I also like that there are a few twists too. Even though there is one twist that was super obvious, I liked it anyway. I liked what it was so I didn't care about the predictability.  

Overall I loved Dorothy Must Die!! Gah, it's just so darn entertaining!! I can't wait to read the rest of the series and see what happens to Amy. 

I recommend Dorothy Must Die to fans of dark books with spunky MC's. 

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