December 26, 2016

The Sleepwalker By: Chris Bohjalian ARC Review

Thank you to NetGalley for providing a free ebook copy of The Sleepwalker By: Chris Bohjalian in exchange for an honest review. 

Short Review Summary: 
A compelling mystery with a great ending!

The Sleepwalker is my first read by Chris Bohjalian and I'll definitely be reading more of his books! I loved this novel and the fantastic twists and turns. I did not guess the ending right away which is always a plus! By the time I had it all figured out it was starting to be revealed to the reader. This is the most important thing in a mystery/thriller in my opinion so I'm glad it ended well!

One of the things I liked best about The Sleepwalker is the characters. Lianna, Paige, and Gavin are extremely well done and they are very likeable. I particularly love the spectacular writing of Lianna and Paige dealing with their missing mother. Their grief and emotions are very palpable and that made me really care about what happened to them and their mother. Also, in general I'm fascinated by sleepwalking so the subject matter alone held my interest. Plus I really wanted to know the answers to all my questions. Like, why does Annalee only sleepwalk when her husband is gone? You'll have to read it to find out! 

Overall I enjoyed The Sleepwalker and I don't have any complaints about it. It's a top notch mystery/thriller. I've really been in the mood for those for MONTHS now and I'm happy I found another great one. This novel is such a compelling read and I can't wait to read more by the author. I own another one by him (The Guest Room) and hopefully I'll get to read it early 2017 sometime! 

I recommend The Sleepwalker for all mystery/thriller fans. It's that well written and fascinating!

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas!! I know I sure did. It's been crazy over here with the kids and everything, but I'm alive LOL! Did you get any good books for Christmas? 

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