September 18, 2016

Weekly Updates & Recommendations (9/12/16-9/18/16)

Not a lot has been going on this week. I suffered with some allergies, but that seems to be getting better already thank goodness. I put up my indoor Halloween decorations early. Yes, way early. What can I say I love Halloween/fall. Especially since I can't have pumpkin everything this year since I'm trying to lose weight. I have to do what I can to enjoy the season! Speaking of losing weight so far this first week on my diet/eating better/lifestyle change has gone really well! I won't bore you with details or discuss it every week, but I feel happy with my progress so far. Other than that not a lot has been going on besides constantly feeling behind on my reading, blogging, and commenting. Oops. 


Reading: The Bazaar of Bad Dreams By: Stephen King and The Wonder By: Emma Donoghue. 

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Watching: Castle. I watched the first few episodes of Castle a while back and I really enjoyed it, but FINALLY I bought the first three seasons. So this is what I'll be watching for a while. I just love this show. 

Listening To: Tove Lo's new single "Cool Girl." I really love her music and I'm really loving this song too! 

AngelErin's A+ Cover Of The Week 


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AngelErin's Book Pick Of The Week: The Peculiar Night of the Blue Heart

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For my recommendations this week I decided to recommend some creepy novels for the upcoming fall season that you may or may not have heard of! It's not a secret that I love horror novels and Halloween is my favorite holiday. So of course I have some great recommendations for horror reads! I gave all of these 5 stars. 

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That's it for this week's updates and recommendations! This week was pretty good for me overall I think. How was your week? 

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