September 19, 2016

Music Monday-Musicals

Music Monday is a weekly feature/meme hosted at Always Me. The idea behind it is to share one or two songs that you have been enjoying lately. 

This week is all about musicals! I love musicals and of course listening to the soundtracks! There are still plenty of musicals I need to see and listen to the music, but here are songs from two of my favorite musicals. 

1. Light My Candle- RENT 

Gosh I love this musical!! Whether the soundtrack is the original broadway soundtrack or the movie soundtrack I just love it! I was lucky enough to see the broadway tour that came to my city once and a few of the original cast members were in it. It was even more amazing in person. This is my favorite song from the musical.  Also, lame couple alert- my husband and I love to sing this one together and he sings all of Roger's parts and I sing all of Mimi's. LOL! 


Do you go to the Cat Scratch Club?
That's where I work, I dance
They used to tie you up
It's a living
I didn't recognize you
Without the handcuffs
We could light the candle
Oh won't you light the candle?

 2. Night Surgeon- Repo! The Genetic Opera 

I don't think a lot of people are as familiar with this musical, but it's one of my favorites! I love how dark it is and the movie is amazing. The cast is phenomenal (Ahem, ANTHONY STEWART HEAD acting and singing!!) and the music is beyond awesome. I had such a hard time picking one song to put on here. 


I remember every dying whisper,
Every desperate murmur...
I remember when I gaze upon her,
She looks just like you...
I remember, I remember!
I remember working every victim
With acute precision...
I remember every time I hold you,
My blunt companion...

That's it for this Music Monday! What do you think about these songs/musicals? Do you love musicals like I do or hate them? What have you been listening to lately?

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