August 17, 2016

The Continent By: Keira Drake ARC Review

Thank you to NetGalley and Harlequin Teen for providing a free ebook copy of The Continent By: Keira Drake in exchange for an honest review. 

One thing I pride myself on when reviewing a book is honesty. I think that is the MOST important part of reviewing ANYTHING. So in the spirit of honesty I will tell you that I had NetGalley request regret with The Continent. 

That has never happened to me before. I really wanted to read this one so I requested it, but when I was approved I was feeling pretty iffy about it. So I kept putting off reading it and as more time went on the more I lost excitement for it.  Eventually I decided I needed to start it already. I am embarrassed to admit that I started this one with the intent to DNF asap if it wasn't interesting. I hate DNFing and I don't know how I got it in my head that this was going to be terrible especially since I was anxious to read it before. I haven't even seen anyone else reading it! Well I did not DNF it and I absolutely LOVED it. 

I have no clue what happened in my mind to make me hesitant to read The Continent. Maybe I just haven't been in the mood for the genre? I don't know, but I really enjoyed it. I am surprised at how well done it is. The writing is phenomenal and I love the wit of the characters, Vaela in particular. Also, there are a lot of little golden nuggets of wisdom in this book. Honestly, I wish this book would get more pre publication attention. Hopefully there will be a lot of marketing as the publication date gets closer. I mean it doesn't even have a cover yet. 

The Continent is interesting because in The Spire I get a bit of a futuristic vibe (not anything crazy though), but in the Continent I get a bit of a going into the past vibe. They don't even have toilets!! It is really fun to see from both from Vaela's perspective and also it reminded me a little bit of Outlander. Totally different story of course, but Vaela going from somewhere with lots of amenities to somewhere a bit barbaric is similar to Outlander. Plus...romance.... a hot and sexy romance! 

Overall I loved The Continent and I am glad I did not DNF it. This book really is a gem and I can't wait for book two!! Damn me for reading a book so far before it's publication date though. What will I do while I wait for the next one?? I guess that will give me time to figure out how to pronounce Vaela's name. I ended up just calling her "V" in my head. I really need this one to get more attention so I can have people to fangirl out with!

I recommend The Continent for anyone interested in a surprisingly profound YA/Fantasy Outlander-esque book. 

Expected Publication Date: January 3, 2017

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