August 18, 2016

The Butterfly Garden By: Dot Hutchison Review #DarkAndIntense

Thank you to NetGalley and Thomas & Mercer for providing a free ebook copy of The Butterfly Garden By: Dot Hutchison in exchange for an honest review. 

I devoured The Butterfly Garden in one sitting. I was captivated as soon as I started. This book is so damn dark, intense, and twisted! I LOVED it. Some of the plot did seem a bit far fetched, but it didn't bother me at all. Even though some things are unrealistic there are just as many things that are very realistic. For example, I like the exploration of all the girls and all of the things that they went through in the garden. There are a lot of details of everyday life that I appreciate the author adding into the book. 

I really did not expect The Butterfly Garden to be THIS good. I love a book that is extremely dark and I have to say that this one felt even darker than I'm used to. I think that is because the overall tone of the book is depressing. I'm not saying that's a bad thing, I loved it, but I do understand that is not for everybody. This is definitely not a happy go lucky book. 

Speaking of things not for everybody, the things that this group of butterfly girls went through is very intense. What I mean is this is the point where I insert a major rape trigger. I usually don't add trigger warnings in my reviews, but due to the overall depressing tone throughout most of the book I think it's necessary.  I'm not saying that everything in the book is depressing though. The way that all of the girls relied on and helped each other is really breathtaking. This is a stunning novel, even though it's so twisted. I really like Maya's character and how she was able to cope with things on her own and with the others. 

Overall The Butterfly Garden is a FANTASTIC book. It's an extremely well written and it's a very powerful read. It is a bit of a rough read as well so like I mentioned before, it won't be for everyone. Also, I could see this as a movie or TV show for sure. Maybe an episode of the Hannibal TV show, if it hadn't been cancelled a while back!! I'm still crying over that one, but if you've seen the show then you understand what I mean.

I recommend The Butterfly Garden for anyone who likes their thrillers dark and intense, but also breathtaking. 

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