August 11, 2016

Happy 30th Birthday AngelErin! WHAT I'M LOOKING FORWARD TO IN MY 30'S!

Hooray! I made it to my 30th birthday. I was really dreading it up until the month of August started. I was feeling really old and sad about it. Well then as my birthday got even closer I still felt like the same me, so I figured why be sad about turning 30? Some days I feel like an old bat and some days I feel like an immature teenager. That is called balance and I am all about that as I head into my 30s! So that gave me an idea to do a post about what I'm looking forward to most in my 30s. Some of these have already started the past year or so, but I'm putting them on my list because I want to continue them in my 30s and beyond. 

1. Being Comfortable Being Me

This one is most important to me because I feel like everyone struggles at times being themselves. I want to feel comfortable with who I am, the way I am, why I am how I am, with my body, and as a woman and mother. As I head into my 30's I have become more comfortable with myself and I hope to keep it up. I don't want to worry about what is "old" or "young" either. Guess what I will still listen to One Direction and watch the Game Show Network. I don't have time to worry about if something is too old or young for me. Or worry about who likes me and who doesn't. Don't like me? 

2. Maturing Even More

Okay so I mentioned that some days I feel old and some days I feel like an immature teen. Let me explain. I feel really immature at times when I'm being silly and playing around. Or laughing at fart jokes. Or just in general behaving like a goober. However, I know when and where to act like that. I remember when I used to go out and act like a fool. Now I would be so embarrassed to do those things or be with people that act too crazy in public. I can still be young at heart, but I'm glad that I have matured. I am a mother of 3 kids who will be teens not too long from now. I want to be a great role model to them. In general I feel happy about maturing because I know that this means that I have learned a lot these past 29 years. 

3. Learning Even More

Piggybacking off of the last topic, as I look back at my life I realize that I have learned a lot in this time. Even in just the past ten years of my life I have really learned SO MUCH. I look forward to learning more in my next ten, twenty...however many years, and I hope I never stop learning. I enjoy learning and growing as a person. 

4. Netflix And Chill

Guys,  I can't go out like I used to. I used to be able to go hang out and be awake all night. Then the next morning I was able to function. Well not only can I NOT do that anymore, but I don't want to. Well, not like THAT anyway. I still want to have fun with friends and go out and about, but not all the time and not too late. I am a hermit and I want to netflix and chill A LOT. Also, by chill I mean seriously chill. On my couch, in my PJs, with some snacks, and a book. 

5. Writing, Traveling, And Buying A Home

These three things are my goals for the next ten years. I want to write more often and hopefully become a published author. I want to travel all of the world and in general have a bunch of great experiences. I want to own a home that is beautiful and spacious. 

6. Reading Even More

I am really looking forward to reading even more books. I hope I find a lot of unique books and books that really speak to me. As I've gotten older I find that I understand things in books that used to go over my head or would have if I had read them years ago.  I hope this keeps happening. I love it. 

7. More Money And Spending Wisely

Some days I feel like I am still struggling to get by in life, but then I look around and I realize that BILLS ARE GETTING PAID. I remember when bills were not getting paid and my family was on food stamps. Slowly, but surely, my family is moving on up. Hopefully in my 30s my family's financial security will increase and we can prepare for the future. Which I've just started to realize just how IMPORTANT this is. 

8. Changing Priorities

The past couple of years I've noticed that my priorities have started to shift. What's important to me is beginning to change and I hope to change with it. I mentioned before about balance.  I never cared about that before, but I want it now. Another thing I never used to bother thinking about is being supportive to other women. Now this has become a priority for me, even if I can only do that in small ways.

9.  Happiness 

I want to focus more on my happiness and less on what isn't perfect. I want to work on changing what isn't working, but I don't want to dwell on it. I also need to work on letting anger go faster and being the best I can be. Which means putting myself before others now and then, cutting toxic people out of my life, and saying no to whatever the hell I feel is damaging to my happiness. 

10. Fulfilling Relationships And Friendships

At this point my husband and I have been married for 10 years. We are so comfortable with each other and we've passed that "what if we divorce/are they going to stay together" phase. Nope, this is it. We're making it work no matter what and I can't wait to see how our relationship will evolve in the future. I also can't wait to see how it will be when my kids enter their teen years. It will be crazy. I will be freaking out. I'm also kind of excited for it. Kids grow up and that's life so I want to enjoy it. I also hope to have more satisfying friendships in the years to come. I enjoy being friends with many kinds of people and also I don't want to rely on only one person to meet all of my friendship needs. I have learned that it's okay to have mom friends, reader friends, crazy friends, horror lover friends, and so on. I want to surround myself with people that I care about and that care about me. 

Okay, so that's a few things that I'm really looking forward to in my 30s and beyond. I hope I transition into my 30s gracefully and no matter what I'm still going to be me. On one hand I feel like 30 isn't a big deal, but maybe it is even though it's not a big deal in a BAD way. Sorry for the long post and all the rambling! :D I feel like I should give out a prize for anyone that actually read all of this. LOL. Oh, speaking of prizes...

My BLOGOVERSARY giveaways have ended and if I haven't already, then I will be emailing all of the winners sometime today. 

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