June 16, 2016

The City of Mirrors (The Passage #3) By: Justin Cronin Review

Thank you to NetGalley and Ballantine Books for providing an ebook copy in exchange for an honest review! 

Sorry if this review is all over the place. It was really up and down for me and that made it a little difficult to review. I really LOVED the first book in the series, The Passage, and how stunning and different it was. When I read The Twelve I was a bit disappointed because it wasn't as good for me. I was really hoping that The City of Mirrors would be just as good as The Passage, but it wasn't. It wasn't completely horrible either. 

The two main things that I disliked in The City of Mirrors is that it dragged on and on and also there seemed to be a lot of unnecessary things in it. I don't mind a long book, but this seemed to have some parts that really could have been cut out in the editing process. The beginning especially had a lot of this and I had a hard time getting into it because I was bored. I wanted more of Amy's plotline early on as well. It did really pick up with Zero's story, but then it had some slow parts here and there after that. Luckily the last 1/4 or so was FANTASTIC and not slow at all. 

There was one other thing that I didn't like (small annoyance that made me eyeroll, but it wasn't anything major), but I can't say what it is. I don't want to spoil that for anyone. Other than that, I think this was a solid ending to the series. There was a lot of good action and I think everything ended how it needed to. I really enjoyed Amy and Zero's characters the most, which cracks me up because they are on opposite ends. Another thing that I did enjoy about this one is that even though it was slow at times (yes I did just complain about that, but now I'm complimenting it) there was a lot of details that by the end of the book I really feel like everything was explored. For example, Zero's part that I liked so much was so darn detailed that I felt like I REALLY knew him and understood him. I have to give Justin Cronin props for not leaving any stone unturned in this final book in The Passage Trilogy.

Overall The City of Mirrors is worth the read and I still think the series has a unique take on vampires. It just missed the mark on that mind blowing quality that the first book had. The last two  books didn't SUCK, but they just could not capture the amazingness of the first novel. Another good thing though is that this series is not really scary, but more post apocalyptic. I really love horror, but I know that's not everyone's thing. I think that this series could appeal to a pretty wide range of people. 

I recommend this series to anyone interested in a different take on vampires. I'm definitely in the unpopular opinion here on the last two books, so don't let my iffy review sway you away!

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