June 17, 2016

Get To Know ANGELERIN!- The Get To Know Me Tag

I was tagged by Carrie over at The Book Goddess. Thanks for the tag Carrie and I love your blog!! This tag looks like a lot of fun and I can't wait to get started. :D 

The Basics

Name: Erin
Nicknames: AngelErin, Angel, Mom, eRn
Birthday: 8/11 
Star Sign: LEO
Occupation: SAHM/Writer 


Hair Color: Brown, but dyed black
Hair Length: Medium?
Eye Color: Hazel, mostly green these days
Best Feature: IDK
Braces: I had them when I was younger. My bottom row of teeth has shifted though. :( 
Piercings: My ears used to be pierced, now none.
Tattoos: I have 3. One says ANGEL, one is the leo symbol with some stars, and one is autism puzzle pieces with my daughter's name under it. Next I want to get one for my sons! 
Right or Left Handed: Right


Best Friend: Her name is Christine and we've known each other since we were 5.
Award: IDK
Sport: I'm not sporty. I tried softball and golf. Not for me. 
Real Holiday: New Mexico maybe? Galveston? Corpus Christi? Not sure. 
Concert: Hanson. HAHAHA


Film: I have way too many.
TV Show: Full House 
Color: Pink & Black 
Song: I have even more favorite songs than I do movies lol.
Restaurant: Rio Mambo
Shop: Any bookstore 
Books: The Picture of Dorian Gray
Shoes: My comfy and somewhat ugly black moccasins. 


Feeling: Tired 
Single or Taken: Married for 10 years this Friday!
Eating: Nothing
Thinking About: What I need to cook for dinner.
Watching: Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
Wearing: Black jeans and a skull shirt. 


Children: NO MORE! I already have three.
Marriage: Already married. 
Career: Writer
Where You Want To Live: London 

Do You Believe In...

Miracles: Yes, but in a spiritual way. Not in a religious way.
Love At First Sight: Yes, but it didn't happen to me.
Ghosts: Yes. A lot of times people don't believe me (and that's totally fine!), but my husband & I lived in a house that had ghosts. Which I didn't believe in ghosts until then.
Aliens: No. Maybe? 
Soulmate: Yes
Heaven/Hell: No
Kissing On The First Date: SURE! 
Yourself: Depends on the day. I go back and forth between hating myself and thinking I'm the shit. LOL.

As always I tag anyone that wants to do it! I'm sorry I can never keep up with who likes to do tags and who doesn't. So if you want to do it then go for it!! Shoot me a link if you do, I would love to see everyone's answers!! 

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