June 20, 2016

Music Monday- Nick Jonas & Zendaya

Music Monday is a weekly feature/meme hosted here at Always Me. The idea behind it is to share one or two songs you have been enjoying lately. 

This week is Disney week I suppose since the two artists I'm sharing music from are Disney alums. :D I never really watched them on the Disney channel, but I'm enjoying their music! Also, if you haven't watched the show "Kingdom" with Nick Jonas in it then you are missing out!! He does a great job in it and the show is SO GOOD. I recommend it for fans of SOA. 

1. Chainsaw & Close By: Nick Jonas 

I can't say that either of these songs are better than "Jealous" from his last album, but his new album is pretty good too! These are the two songs that I'm really liking most from the album. Close also features Tove Lo who I love! 

Chainsaw Lyrics-

And maybe I'll just take a chainsaw to the sofa
Where I held your body close for so long, so long
I'm gonna break the fucking china
Cause it's just one more reminder you're gone, you're gone 

Close Lyrics- 

Oh man, oh man
I am not really known for ever being speechless
But now, but now somehow
My words roll off my tongue right onto your lips, oh
I'm keeping cool while you keep smiling
Saying all the things I'm thinking
Oh man, oh man
I am like you so I want proof I'm what you're feeling 

2. Something New By: Zendaya 

I don't always like when songs sample older songs, but this is one of the good ones!! Something New samples TLC's song "Creep", which I love, and it really works here! This song features Chris Brown and it's just a fun one to listen to.

Something New Lyrics-

Don't know your name, but I guess I really don't care
I prolly should wait, but I wanna letcha go there
I wanna try something new, all night
I wanna try something new, all night
I wanna try something

That's it for this Music Monday! What do you think of these songs? Do you like any of these artists older songs? What tunes have you been singing along to lately? 

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