October 14, 2015

The Chew Vol. 1 Review

Chew is a graphic novel about a detective named Tony Chu who is Cibopathic. Which means whatever he eats (including parts of corpses) he gets psychic impressions from it. The only thing he can eat that doesn't give him psychic impressions is beets. Tony's Cibopathic ability kind of reminded me of iZombie (I've seen a little of the CW TV show, but I haven't read the graphic novel yet) where the main girl eats brains and she gets information.

Honestly the whole Volume 1 was pretty darn gross. All of the things Tony has to nibble on is just disgusting. It also didn't help that when I read this I was sick with a stomach bug!! I made the wrong choice on what to read that day. I maybe would have given this 5 stars, but I took off a little bit because I was already sick and it made me more nauseated. So at some point I may go back and change it to 5 stars. We'll see.

Other than the nastiness (which it's a cool ability though), I loved everything else about Chew! There is a great plot, lots of action, a little bit of mystery, and fantastic artwork. Chew is a bit bizarre, but it's well written, funny, and very unique.

I recommend Chew Vol. 1 for fans of detective/crime novels, if you like graphic novels like Locke & Key and Nailbiter, and for anyone with a somewhat strong stomach.



  1. I just read my first graphic novel over the weekend (well a few actually LOL!) and I loved them! Glad this was a good read for you!

    1. Oh which ones did you read? I just started reading graphic novels this year. I'm surprised how much I like them! If you want horror I recommend the Locke & Key series by Joe Hill. I also highly recommend Maus! :)


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