October 9, 2015

Firsts By: Laurie Elizabeth Flynn ARC Review

3.5 Stars

Thank you to NetGalley and St. Martin's Press for allowing me to read and review an ebook copy of Firsts by Laurie Elizabeth Flynn. 

Firsts is about a seventeen year old girl named Mercedes who has sex with a lot of virgins who have girlfriends. Mercedes has sex with the guys and teaches them how they can make it special with their girlfriends. Her religious best friend Angela has no idea, and her mother isn't exactly parent of the year. When Angela's boyfriend wants a turn to give Mercedes his first time things go south and Mercy has to try and save her reputation. 

I wasn't sure what to expect when I started reading Firsts. At first I was irritated a little bit because Mercedes is an idiot. It was obvious that Mercedes had some issues related to sex (DUH) and that there would be a story about a guy that would come out later. Which was true and it did come out later in the novel. I just don't understand why Mercy was so STUPID. I think the author did a wonderful job of explaining how and why she ended up having sex with all of these guys. I just didn't like that Mercedes was so stupid and had sex with so MANY guys. 

There is quite a lot I did like about Firsts. It's unique and the subject matter grabs your attention right away. It's hilarious and it's a wonderful coming of age story. I enjoyed seeing Mercy's growth throughout the novel and by the end I think she FINALLY matured. I loved the dynamics between her and Zach (her Wednesday sex buddy and the only one that isn't a virgin with a girlfriend.) I also LOVED FAYE!! I think we could all use a friend like her. 

Obviously this book is a pretty controversial book. It's controversial, but all of the sexual content is written very well and it was handled nicely.  Also, there isn't a lot of preachy abstinence talk. Thank goodness! The ending is a bit of a cheesefest, but it's definitely satisfying. 

Overall I think there is a lot to like and to discuss in Firsts. It wasn't my favorite novel, but definitely worth a read. I recommend this for anyone looking for a bold, unique, controversial, and humorous coming of age YA story. 


  1. Glad all the controversial issues were handled well, it is nice when an author can do that. ;)

    1. I agree! I hate when an author goes to much one way because it can really alienate a whole group of people that way.


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