October 18, 2015

Fatal Beauty By: Nazarea Andrews Review

Thank you to NetGalley and A&A Literary Publishers for allowing me to read and review an ebook copy of Fatal Beauty by Nazarea Andrews. 

Fatal Beauty is about Charlotte and EJ who are two rich girls who have grown up with everything they could want. They are rich, spoiled, and bored. Everything is pretty perfect until Charlotte calls EJ and needs her help when her fiancee ends up dead.

Fatal Beauty has a lot of manipulation, sex, drugs, and wild nights. Which sounded interesting on the surface, but I really struggled on what to rate this one. It definitely was not what I had expected. I had imagined a kind of Gossip Girl type of novel, but with older characters. That's not the kind of novel that I got.

To start off it was more erotica than anything. The story really takes a backseat to all of the sex that is happening. Which I was not a fan of. There was way too much sex for me and it all seemed out of place and weird. For example one of the girls was having sex with a guy named Jacobs. Then the other girl has sex with him. Of course the first girl is mad, but BOOM not too long after she has sex with Jacobs again. Wait...what? 

The whole book was just out of sync. It did not flow well and the plot itself was choppy. The POV goes between both girls and it's not separated by chapters. It was extremely confusing trying to figure out which girl was talking. In some cases I flat out couldn't figure it out at all. The characters were odd and one dimensional. I think that even though the story wasn't the greatest if there was more depth to the characters then I would have liked Fatal Beauty a whole lot more. 

Honestly the only thing that I liked about Fatal Beauty was the ending. I almost decided not to finish the book, but I had to find out what would happen. There was a little bit of suspense and a pretty good twist at the end. 

I'm not sure if I would recommend Fatal Beauty to anyone. Maybe to someone who likes books with lots of random sex and doesn't need the book to have depth to the characters. I really don't know. This was a really random novel. 



  1. I'm not a fan of these either I do need some plot. ;) Sorry this didn't work for you.

    1. I could have gotten over there being too much sex stuff and an oddly put together plot if only the characters weren't so one dimensional. It's too bad because the premise sounded interesting. Oh well. :)


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