January 29, 2018

The Dark Lake By: Sarah Bailey Mini DNF Review

So if you follow me on Goodreads you may have seen this that I posted about The Dark Lake:

Well this is my first DNF of 2018. I just can't finish it. I'm bored out of my mind with it and I literally don't care who killed her. DNF at about 20-25%. 

I wanted to expand on that review just a tad. The Dark Lake should have been a book that I enjoyed. I mean it sounds right up my alley, just read that summary! The biggest issue (and why I was so bored) that I have with it is that NOTHING HAPPENED. The MC (Gemma) is quite frankly, weird. I don't mean in a good way either and I couldn't figure her out at all. Gemma had things going on in her life that should be intriguing, but not enough was really said to keep me interested. No plot development happening there. Also, as far as the investigation into the murder of Rosalind there was no plot development happening there either. I made it about 20-25% of the book and I barely learned anything about the MC or in the investigation of the murder!! The pacing for this novel is so frustratingly slow. I feel like there could be a good story in there somewhere, but there wasn't any suspense or tension building up either. Who wants to stick it out through such sluggish pacing?? 

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