December 30, 2017

November 9 By: Colleen Hoover Mini Review That Turned Into A List

After I finished reading November 9 I sat down to start writing a mini review for it. I ended up making a list instead because I had way too many feels and not enough coherent thoughts after reading the book. :P

So here is my list of 10 Thoughts I Had While Reading November 9:

1. I love CoHo books. I'm so happy that I borrowed this book from the library.

2. Oo it's so good already! This Ben guy is great, he's funny. I'm totally going to binge read this whole book like I always do CoHo books.

3. This book is so HILARIOUS in some parts. The romantic comedy aspect between Ben and Fallon is written very well.

4. Hmm, I don't know about this meeting up only once a year thing. Can they just be together? 

5. Okay, what is the plot twist here. I don't understand why (BLANK to avoid spoilers) happened.

6. Dafuq?

7. My eyes hurt so bad. I should put this down and go to bed. Oh, look at that... next chapter...

8. I don't like that! WHAT JUST HAPPENED? Okay, Erin, chill. There has to be a happy ending. Right? 

9. Holy plot twist. Mind = Blown. I'm not sure how to feel about this reveal at all. 

10. Wow. November 9 is such an amazing book. I have so many feels. #I'mNotCryingYou'reCrying

Okay, sorry guys this is all I could do for my "mini review." I loved November 9 and if you are a Colleen Hoover fan you will love it too! If you haven't read one of her novels yet, I highly recommend any of her books. Her writing is phenomenal and addictive.

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