September 9, 2016

The Wolf Road By: Beth Lewis DNF Mini Review

Thank you to Blogging for Books for providing a free copy of The Wolf Road By: Beth Lewis in exchange for an honest review. 

Well I guess it's unpopular opinion time because I did not like The Wolf Road and I had to DNF it. It's a shame too because I've seen many positive reviews for it. I was really excited about this one and I've been in the mood for thrillers, plus the post apocalyptic aspect is right up my alley. However, the writing style drove me nuts and I abandoned this one about 50 pages in. I couldn't stand Elka and the way she talked. While her dialect may make sense for the book, it distracted from the story (since there is no break from it) and I couldn't get into it. Since I really disliked the main character's personality as well I decided to give up on this one. I think this is a novel that will appeal to a lot of others, but it wasn't for me. 

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