July 2, 2016

Black-Eyed Susans By: Julia Heaberlin Review

I won Black-Eyed Susans in a Goodreads giveaway. Thank you to Goodreads and Ballantine Books!

Black-Eyed Susans is the best thriller that I have read in awhile. It's such a completely captivating book. I love how the story expertly weaves from Tessa's past and back into the present. And kept me entertained in both the present and in the flashbacks! Also, there is some forensic science in the book and I liked that a lot. It seemed to me that the author really did her research on the forensics and in other areas as well. Which is always appreciated! 

If you like tension in your thrillers then this one is for you! There is some major tension and buildup in this novel that leads to a great twist. I was turning the pages so fast, especially during the last quarter of the book. It was extremely intense! I had so many different theories going on in my head and I was dying to know what happened. I couldn't get to the end fast enough and I had to tell myself to slow down so I didn't miss anything. 

I also really like Tessa's character. She's an unreliable narrator and I expected to dislike her, but there is just something about her that made me root for her. It's interesting because I went back and forth a lot on if I believed anything she said. I like her daughter a lot as well. The dynamic of the relationship between the two of them is really interesting. Now that I'm thinking more about it, I liked a lot of the characters in the book. Woo hoo!

Overall Black-Eyed Susans is a fantastic book and it has become a new favorite book for me! I don't have a single complaint about it. The writing is superb. I will definitely have to read the author's other books. Wow. That's all I have left to say, just WOW!! 

I recommend Black-Eyed Susans to all thriller lovers. You won't be disappointed! 

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