March 31, 2016

After the Woods By: Kim Savage Review

I've been dying to get my hands on this baby since I first saw it pop up on Goodreads. From page one of After the Woods I was really invested in the story. It's such a compelling book and the whole time I was desperate to know what actually happened in the woods. 

Let me just say that while I loved the book, I didn't like anyone in the book. This isn't a book where you love the characters, this is a book where you get swept up into the story and the mystery. You are not required to like the characters in order to read and enjoy this one. That being said, although I didn't like Julia I do think she is a kick ass heroine. Which I love and hey, not all heroines have to be perfect.  It's a nice break from perfect or close to perfect YA main characters actually.

I was so completely immersed in After the Woods from beginning to end. The thing I enjoyed most about the book, other than how captivating it is, is how it stayed true to the genre, but still had a few surprises. I just LOVE a well done mystery/thriller and After the Woods is not just about two girls getting attacked in the woods. Oh no, this goes beyond that and takes an unexpected turn. Gotta love that! 

Overall After the Woods is damn near perfect. My rating is 4 stars, but really 4.5 would more appropriate. It's wonderfully written and I always love it when a mystery has a few twists that you don't guess! 

I recommend After the Woods for anyone looking for a gripping YA mystery/thriller filled with some familiar tropes and a few twists to keep it interesting. 

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