July 13, 2015

Goodreads Review of Noggin By: John Corey Whaley

NogginNoggin by John Corey Whaley
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

So Noggin was the pick this month for my IRL book club. I have to admit that I was not enthused about it at all because from the description it just didn't seem like my type of book. Well I knew I was going to have to read it anyway, so I tried to keep an open mind. I thought, ok maybe there will be some really great thought provoking or witty parts. There wasn't. It was not thought provoking at all, even though there was many good opportunities for it. Especially with so many ethical issues that could have been discussed. Sadly, these opportunities were missed and only briefly mentioned by newscasters on TV in the background. The first half of the book I was just apathetic to the whole thing. I didn't care about any of the characters or anything that was happening. As I got further into Noggin I started to mostly dislike it. The whole book was just strange and I didn't find the humor funny at all. Also, I found Travis and everyone around him to be obnoxious and immature. How come when Travis came back all he cared about was getting his girlfriend back? Seriously? Your head was cryogenically frozen, you came back with your head and a different body, and all you care about is a girl? Missed opportunities, I'm telling you! It's really tragic because somewhere in there is an interesting story, but it just missed the mark for me. It was missing all the substance that could have made it fascinating and enjoyable.

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