July 13, 2015

Goodreads Review of Little Girls By: Ronald Malfi

Little GirlsLittle Girls by Ronald Malfi
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Little Girls is pretty middle of the road for me. The book started off so fantastic, but it didn't end the same way. The writing is well done and I was drawn in to the story and setting easily. From page one it set up the eerie and mysterious mood perfectly. While Little Girls was never scary for me, some things were a little creepy. I was really intrigued with the story throughout, but I had a feeling I knew where this book was going. Sure enough, Little Girls was predictable. The end was very lackluster for me due to the predictability and use of a common horror trope. I've seen/read this type of ending many times before. There was no wow factor that I was hoping for. No surprise twists or things I didn't see coming from a mile away. Overall, Little Girls is written well and worth a read, just don't expect anything vastly different.

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