January 7, 2018

Now I Rise (The Conqueror's Saga #2) By: Kiersten White Mini Review

I really enjoyed reading Now I Rise, but I didn't love it quite as much as And I Darken. Since I loved the first book so much I couldn't wait to start this one and see what happens next to the Dracul siblings. The story is terrific, however I struggled to stay focused around the middle mark. I found myself a tad bored and frustrated with it for a short time until the pace picked back up again. 

The best thing about this series for me is Lada and how ferocious she is. I liked her even more so in this book. I just adore how she is not your stereotypical female character. She is not going to wear a dress, she doesn't care how her hair looks, but she certainly kicks butt! I also love Radu's storyline and the struggles he faces with his feelings and loyalties. 

Overall I did like Now I Rise quite a bit, despite the minor pacing issue for me around the middle. This series is spectacular and I love how dark it is. I definitely recommend it and I can't wait for book three. I'm dying to see how things will go...I hope it's dreadfully brutal and bloody.

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