January 11, 2017

Gilded Cage By: Vic James ARC Review

Thank you to NetGalley for providing a free ebook copy of Gilded Cage By: Vic James in exchange for an honest review. 

At first I had a hard time getting into Gilded Cage because there are so many POVs.  I also struggled a little in the beginning trying to figure out the world. Once I understood the world and got into it, I really enjoyed it. It's a pretty unique book and there is just something different about it that intrigued me.

I am surprised at how dark this book got a couple times. I expected it to be kind of fluffy and more about the romance based off the blurb. To be honest, the summary doesn't do the book justice. However, it's actually a pretty thought provoking story. The idea of the slave days is very fascinating and the whole concept is just spot on! Even though the book is unique, I do like how there are a few tropes I love as well. Such as rebellion and a little bit of forbidden romance. 

I also really liked some of the characters, especially Abi and Luke. The Jardines (aristocrat family with powers) are also very fascinating to me. I'm excited to see in the next book how the character development goes with Abi, Luke, and The Jardines. In this book I feel like I didn't get enough of that because there are too many POVs. 

Overall I loved Gilded Cage! The ending is terrific and I am extremely curious to see what happens next. I can't wait for more of the political intrigue too! By the end of the book I wanted to rate it 5 stars based on enjoyment, but I had to take one star off because of the POV issue and the smaller issue of world building early on. I just think the book needed to be smoother in the beginning. Other than that, it was pretty perfect. 

I recommend Gilded Cage for anyone who likes a good mix of fantasy, political intrigue, and dystopian. 

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