October 3, 2016


Music Monday is a weekly feature/meme hosted here at Always Me. The idea behind it is to share one or two songs that you have been enjoying lately. 

So this week I'm doing something a little different, I'm sharing a playlist! Now that it is October, and Halloween will be here before we know it, I am in the mood for some spooky music! I made this playlist on Spotify a year or two ago and I really love listening to it this time of year. Most of the songs are kid friendly (I think only one or two only have explicit lyrics) and I originally made the playlist for my kids to listen to.  

That's it for this Music Monday! What do you think of these songs? Do you love/hate spooky tunes? Can you think of any songs that would be great to add to this playlist? As always, I'd also love to know what you've been listening to! Happy Monday and I hope everyone has a great week. :D 

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