September 30, 2016

#NotTryingToBeHarshBut...Pretty Wicked By: Kelly Charron ARC/DNF Mini Review

Thank you to NetGalley for providing a free ebook copy of Pretty Wicked By: Kelly Charron in exchange for an honest review. 

Short Review Summary: 
Boring and bland writing. 

I am pretty disappointed by Pretty Wicked to be honest with you. When I first saw it available on NetGalley it sounded like just my kind of novel! The cover is fantastic and I checked out the ratings on Goodreads and all of the reviews are pretty positive. Unfortunately for me, the summary is better than the actual book and the only thing I ended up liking is the cover. 

Lame. Boring. Bland. These are the first words I think of when trying to write a mini review for this novel. I ended up DNFing at about 40-45%. That's pretty far in and if I don't like it by that point, then it's not going to get any better. The pacing is so slow and the story just dragged on and on. The writing is repetitive and as bland as white rice. I wish there had been some flair! 

Overall I didn't like Pretty Wicked at all. The idea behind it is fantastic, but the execution is pretty pitiful. I feel like this review sounds pretty harsh, but even my 9 year old sons wouldn't be creeped out or thrilled by this book. 

I personally can't recommend this novel. Since there are a fair amount of positive reviews maybe it would be better suited for people who aren't really into thrillers or creepy novels, but want a light Halloween read this October. Who knows, that could be the type of person it was written for! :D

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