September 29, 2016

#CoHoStrikesAgain! It Ends With Us By: Colleen Hoover Review

Short Review Summary: 
CoHo put my heart in a blender, but I love it. 

Oh, the feels! It Ends With Us has all of the feels that I have come to expect from a Colleen Hoover novel. Except, dare I say it...this one has MORE feels! I know that sounds impossible, but it's true. 

I was invested in Lily's story from page one of this book. As always with Hoover, the writing is just so darn addictive. I really love Lily's character and I have to say I think she is the best female character that CoHo has written. I haven't read ALL of her books, but I've read a decent amount and that's my opinion so far.  Even though I've rated all of her books five stars (isn't that nuts?), I've always had the tiniest issue with her female characters. I usually find them a little plain and frankly, they are doormats. So I was glad to see that Lily had some spunk and more personality. 

I also really love the ending to It Ends With Us. I think the whole story is wrapped up flawlessly. Which due to the subject (at times it might be a bit graphic for some) matter, I think that would be difficult to do. Let's admit it most of Colleen's books are a cheesefest, which I love if done well, but this one has a grittier MC and a darker subject matter. To me, it proves that this author has a lot of talent and there's more to her than just her addictive writing style. 

Overall I think It Ends With Us is a damn near perfect book. It comes across in the pages how deeply personal this story is and some parts of it might be a bit difficult to read for some people. This is a very moving, emotional story, and it shredded my heart for sure. 

I recommend It Ends With Us for anyone that loves to read emotional new adult books. For CoHo fans that haven't read it yet, STOP what you're doing and go read it IMMEDIATELY. 

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