September 9, 2016

Baby Doll By: Hollie Overton Review

I won a free copy of Baby Doll By: Hollie Overton in a giveaway on a blog! Thank you to whatever blog that was. I'm so sorry, I'm horrible at remembering which blogs I won what from. I'm going to have to start writing these things down!

Short Review Summary: 
A few flaws, but some very unexpected twists! 

At first I really wasn't sure where Baby Doll was going. I was surprised at how fast into the story Lily escapes captivity. I know that in the summary it says, "This is what happens next..." However I guess I wasn't expecting it to escalate that quickly! I wasn't very far at all into the book when I began wondering what exactly is going to happen?

Mostly the book is about what happens once Lily is back home. We find out what happens next with Lily, her daughter Sky (born in captivity), her mother, and her twin sister Abby. I have to admit that for a little bit I was concerned that this book was going to be too busy going into details about everyone coping with life after Lily escapes. I started to wonder, why is this labeled a thriller? Then I started getting to the twists.

Baby Doll definitely has some twists that I was not expecting. Every time I thought the book was going to go one way or another, it veered off into something completely different. I love to be surprised and I ended up devouring this novel in one sitting. The writing is very addictive and about halfway through the pace picked up even more and I HAD to find out what twists would happen next. I did not find this one predictable at all. 

As I mentioned before, there is a lot of emphasis on how everyone deals once Lily escapes her kidnapper. While this book has a few fantastic twists, I do have to say that there is A LOT about all of the different relationships. Some of those parts slowed down the pace of the book. Baby Doll is not a long book so it wasn't too bad, but I still found myself wishing some parts were condensed. That being said,  one of my favorite things about the book is the relationship dynamics between Lily and her twin sister Abby. I have twin boys and while reading I found myself thinking that the twins relationship and the way they acted towards each other seemed very realistic to me. I was amused to read at the end of the book that the author is a twin herself! I find that so fascinating and no wonder that aspect is written so well! 

Overall I loved Baby Doll, despite a few flaws, and after the twisted ending that I never saw coming I was tempted to rate this one five stars. I couldn't do it though because not only are there a few flaws, but there are a couple of parts that reminded me too much of Room. I don't know why it says on Goodreads for fans of Gone Girl and Girl on the Train. This is like ROOM with a few thrills and twists. 

I recommend Baby Doll for fans of Room, Cleveland Abduction (the lifetime movie about the true story of Michelle Knight), and books featuring twins. 

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