July 25, 2016

Music Monday- Dance Back To The 90s!!

Music Monday is a weekly feature/meme hosted here at Always Me. The idea behind it is to share one or two songs that you have been enjoying lately. 

This Monday I decided to share one of my Spotify Playlists instead of my usual one or two songs. Why? Let me be real here...laziness. It's Monday already as I write this. It's been crazy at my house this summer.  I've taken a short break from my blog since last Wednesday. I plan on coming back full force after the kids go back to school, but until then I will just do what I can. This week there will be no TTT, but I will hopefully do a WoW and a review or two if I can find time. 

Here is my Spotify Playlist for 90s dance songs!! A lot of these I remember exercising to in Elementary PE class. LOL!

That's it for this Music Monday! I'm being lazy, but I did really want to share this and see if anyone else likes any of these tunes. Some personal favorites of mine are, "Sandstorm," "Rico Suave," "Cotton Eye Joe," and "Tootsee Roll."  I love them all though. What 90s dance songs do you like? What have you been listening to lately? 

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