June 9, 2016

The Crown (The Selection #5) By: Kiera Cass Review (Sorry, but I'm a bit HARSH in this one.)

Honestly guys, I HAD to make this one a mini review because there really isn't much to say about it. The Crown is SUPER short and not that great. I felt meh about it most of the time while I was reading it. I wasn't even enraged over it, I just didn't care. 

I loved the first three Selection books and The Heir was okay, but I don't know... this one... it sucked. Here's a list of top 5 reasons why The Crown was a FAIL for me: 

1. The "twists" were obvious.
2. Everything was rushed and still feels unfinished. 
3. The ending felt VERY thrown together.
4. This one was flat and lackluster.
5. There was no real solution to any of the political and caste issues. 

Overall I hate to say it, but this feels like a book that was written for the love of money instead of for love of the story. It comes across as if the author herself is just OVER this damn series already. The Heir and The Crown should have never been published. Eadlyn's story is pointless and there is no resolution to anything! 
#ForTheLoveOfMoney #MyPublisherMadeMeDoIt

I recommend only reading the first three Selection books. Those are great if you want some fluffy and fun books. If you've already read The Heir and are curious about this one, then I say go ahead and give this one a go. Might as well because it's extremely short. I read it in one sitting, that's how short it is. Definitely borrow the book from the library or a friend though.

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