June 10, 2016

Insane Genre Challenge Update #6

So far I've read 18 out of 36 Genres for this challenge. Woo hoo! However, I only read two books for it this past month and one book the month before. I still think I'm doing okay though. I'm not really sure at all since I haven't done a challenge like this before this year. I'm halfway done though! 

Books Read Last Month: 

The Crown's Game- Fantasy 
The Sword of Summer- Children's Book 

Currently Reading: 

The City of Mirrors- Science Fiction 

Up Next: 

I don't think I'll read all of these this month, but hopefully in the next two months I can get these read. 

Sanctuary Bay- Mystery
The Bazaar of Bad Dreams- Short Stories 
You're Never Weird On The Internet- Humor
The Little Paris Bookshop- Literary Fiction
The Stranger Beside Me- True Crime
The Birds & Other Stories- Gothic

While I'm not super pleased with my progress, I'm hoping to pick up the pace a little during the summer months. For anyone doing the challenge, how is it going for you? If you're doing any challenge, how is it going for you? Is anyone else struggling a little with their challenge(s)? I feel like I sure am! :P 

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