May 14, 2016

The Crown's Game By: Evelyn Skye ARC Review

Thank you to Edelweiss and Balzer & Bray for providing an ebook copy of The Crown's Game By: Evelyn Skye in exchange for an honest review. 

The second I was finished reading The Crown's Game I really wanted to rate it 5 stars. However, the beginning of the novel was a bit slow for me. Even though it was a little slow it was still enjoyable. Also, the reason it was a little slow for me may have been due to the book or it may not have been. I read this book right after I finished The Raven King and I was left with a book hangover. Then I tried to read this one and picked up When We Collided instead. Then I had a mild book hangover from that one as well. So I just decided to just finish this one because reading something else first wasn't working.  So it really could have just been me. Once the game in the book started though I got very into The Crown's Game and I finished reading it quickly. 

What originally drew to me The Crown's Game in the first place is that it's set in Russia. I haven't read many books set in Russia so it really piqued my interest to read a fantasy novel set there. The blend of historical Russia and magical world building was extremely well done. The characters were also very well done and vivid. I felt very strongly for Vika, Pasha, and Nikolai. Each of them have their own unique voice and I really felt for each of them. The romance was great for me, but there is a love triangle. I don't mind love triangles (I quite enjoy them at times.) if they are done well and this one was. 

The Crown's Game, the actual game in the book, was really interesting and executed well. I love books with games like that in it. Like Throne of Glass, The Hunger Games, and etc. This book has quite a few beloved fantasy tropes, but it's also unique in it's own way. 

Overall The Crown's Game is an excellent book. I love the blend of historical Russia and magic. Everything from the world building, characters, and plot were on point. Even though the beginning was a little slow for me it picked up quickly and ended very well. The ending was great and a bit unexpected! By the end I was not ready for the book to be ending and I can't wait to read the next book. I have a few ideas as to where the story is headed next, but I bet I'll be surprised!

I recommend The Crown's Game for fans of Throne of Glass and The Hunger Games. I also recommend this to any YA fantasy lover that doesn't mind a WELL DONE love triangle.

Expected Publication Date: May 17, 2016

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