May 5, 2016

Auburn: Midnight Suns and Farewell Lovers (Auburn #3) By: Valerie Thomas Review

I received an ebook copy from the author in exchange for an honest review. Thank you!!  

I have so much love for this series!! I enjoyed books one and two immensely and I have been really looking forward to reading the conclusion of the Auburn series. I am so happy that I've had the chance to read these books. I love books about music or with music incorporated into it and I also love books about important subjects. This book series has both of those things in all three books. 

At the beginning of Auburn: Midnight Suns and Farewell Lovers I was a little concerned though. Ashley was getting on my nerves a bit and I was screaming NOOOO at her in my head. Thankfully this did not last long AT ALL. I just love her character and the thing is I ended up okay with everything. Ashley isn't perfect and I love that about her. She had some really great character development in this one. Looking back at book one Ashley has matured quite a lot since then, but she has never given up fighting for the outcasts!

So... the band... they went through A LOT in this book. There were so many band issues that happened, but I'm pleased with how they all were resolved. As a whole this book was wrapped up very well at the end and I'm super happy with it. I would be curious to see what's next for Ashley (musically and relationship wise) after this series ends. Speaking of relationships I am SUPER happy with how things resolved with Charlie and how things went with Aras. 

Overall I am very pleased with Auburn: Midnight Suns and Farewell Lovers. It's a very well done end to a fantastic series. As a whole this series is very well written and highly entertaining. I think this series would be appropriate for younger teens as well. It has a great message about bullying, but it's not preachy.  

I recommend the entire series to anyone who enjoys books about music, outcasts, bullying, and growing up. 

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