April 11, 2016

Heist Society By: Ally Carter Review

I just adored Heist Society! It was such a cute and fun read. I was not sure what to expect going into this one since I am not usually interested in espionage novels, but this series just looked so good that I decided to try it. Plus I needed an espionage read for the Insane Genre Challenge. I am glad I gave it a try because it was the perfect YA espionage novel. 

This book is just what I was looking for when I picked it up. It has everything in it that I wanted it to have. There's espionage and traveling, but it's also super cute and fun. After reading Heist Society it really made me want to travel even more. Or pull a heist! Okay, maybe not REALLY pull a heist haha. :P 

The thing I liked best about Heist Society is that it's full of espionage, but it felt like espionage light to me. I don't have that much experience with espionage, but I know I don't like when it feels too heavy. If that makes any sense. So I am glad that this one ended up being a fun read and it didn't drag for me. 

Overall Heist Society was an entertaining and light read. It's a good one to add in between heavier books.  It's just such a fun and fluffy read! Also, it's a pretty clean novel so I can see it being suitable for young teens. I can't wait to read more of the series!

I recommend Heist Society for anyone just trying out the espionage genre and for anyone looking for an espionage novel that is light and full of adventure.  

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