April 4, 2016

Genesis Girl By: Jennifer Bardsley ARC Review

I received a free ebook copy from Month9Books in exchange for an honest review.  Thank you to Month9Books and Jennifer Bardsley!

When I first started reading Genesis Girl I wasn't sure about it. The beginning was a little odd and confusing to me. Once I got adjusted to the world then it got so much better and the rest of the book just flew by.

At the start of the book I was not sure where the story was going to go, but I was pleasantly surprised at where it did go. I was not expecting Genesis Girl to raise some important questions about how addicted we are to technology, but it did. I say this as someone who is too attached to my iPhone, iPad, MacBook, and all other things technology related. I just love technology, but how much is too much? At what point does the addiction take over our lives and what should/could be done about it?

That's where Genesis Girl comes in and why it's such a fascinating read. Blanca is a blank slate with no virtual footprint and that makes her very valuable in a world overcome with tech addicted people.

I was not sold on Blanca's character at first, but as the book went on she had some great character development. She went from a very naive and dull character to an intelligent and entertaining character. I loved the parts with her and Seth together. I can't wait for the next book to see what happens next!

Overall Genesis Girl is a captivating story. It's a  well written and very intriguing read for this day and age where we are so focused on our technology.

I recommend Genesis Girl for fans of thought provoking YA sci-fi novels.

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