March 3, 2016

Shadow and Bone By: Leigh Bardugo Review

I devoured Shadow and Bone in one day! The book was a little confusing at first, but luckily the world building was so great that I never got frustrated over it. I wasn't confused for long trying to figure out what's what before it all started to make sense.The writing was superb and very fast paced. Before I knew it I was already done reading the book. I couldn't believe I had gotten to the end already.

I found Shadow and Bone to be extremely interesting and unique in some ways, especially when it came to the Grisha! I read through this one so fast because I needed to know what was going to happen with Alina next. Also, I was surprised how dark this book was. I wasn't expecting that, but I loved it!


Alina- I liked her, I but didn't love her. I really wanted her to be more badass, but she was still a good character. Hopefully she improves as the series goes on. Sometimes that's how it goes in series so that the character can have some good character development.

Mal- Sorry! I don't like Mal. He gets on my nerves. I'm not sure how I will end up feeling about him by the end of the series. He may get better, but well I have a feeling I will always root for another character.

The Darkling- I may be the only one, but I really loved The Darkling! I picture him as this really hot goth guy. He's so broody too. I like that.

Overall Shadow and Bone was pretty darn great! I just love YA books with great fantasy and magical elements. The Grisha are very fascinating and I want to know even more about the Grisha! I can't wait to finish this series and then read Six of Crows as well.

I HIGHLY recommend Shadow and Bone to all YA fantasy/romance fans! If you enjoy the genre, then I bet you would love this one.

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