September 30, 2015

Icons By: Margaret Stohl Review

Maybe more like 2.5 Stars

Icons is yet another post apocalyptic/dystopia/alien novel that unfortunately doesn't really have anything new to deliver.

Years ago everything changed on the day the Icons dropped from the sky and a lot of people died. Now Dol and her friend Ro are captured by the Embassy and they meet two other teens with similar "dots" on their wrists. Together all four have to unravel a conspiracy and use their uncontrollable emotions to save their future.

So pretty much this book follows a basic formula that may sound familiar. Aliens come to earth, a lot of people die, there are people with abilities that can stop it, wait there is a conspiracy too, and oh of course a love triangle. I could pretty much guess where everything was going and so about midway I had a hard time trying to focus on it. 

Also, there was a lot of confusing stuff that I still don't understand. Like the whole thing with the dots on their wrists was different, but I feel like I still don't get it exactly. I feel like I'm missing a lot of specific information there. The whole dot thing weirded me out to. I don't get why it was almost sexual-like?? 

Another thing I feel like I'm still confused about is the aliens. I was extremely bummed to not find out what the aliens actually are, what they look like, or anything. I guess your supposed to read the next books in the series to find out, but I don't think I'll be making that commitment. 

One big thing I did like about Icons was Ro. I LOVED his character. He was so good to Dol too. Very early on in the opening part (with his birthday present to her) I could already tell I was going to like him for her. Sadly, there is a love triangle though. Dol's character really irritated me because of her with Ro/Lucas. She was so wrong to Ro and he was her ride or die dude for real! Well Dol's character irritated me anyway because she was a bit dull. Although, I can't say I liked any character in this book other than Ro. 

I do have to say that there were a few other interesting things happening in the book. For example there was a twist about all of the four teens that I didn't see coming. I really do enjoy a good twist! Also, I found all of the emotions and dot stuff fascinating and unique, even if it was a bit odd. I think this would have been better for me if it didn't feel like something I've already read multiple times before.

Overall Icons is an average book. I think I am just really done with "alien" novels that do not have any good alien action or information about the aliens. I can say I like this better than The Fifth Wave, which I couldn't even finish. 

I recommend Icons for fans of Alien novels without any alien information or action, YA Dystopia novel super fans, and anyone who wants to see for themselves what the heck the dot/sexual thing is all about. 



  1. I think based on what you said in your review, I would really like Ro as well but boo for the confusing parts and the love triangle! Maybe book two will clear a lot of that up. ;)

    1. That's what I was thinking, but I'm not sure I will read it. A part of me wants to see what happens and get more information. Then another part of me is saying, "Don't do it girl!!" LOL.


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