February 10, 2018

Mini Discussion Post- Authors I've Lost Interest In

I don't do a whole lot of discussion posts and it's been ages since I've posted one. I've been thinking about authors I've lost interest in though and wondering if other readers lose interest in certain authors over time. So I decided to do a short mini discussion post about it! 

For me the main three authors I used to love, but will no longer read, are:

1. James Patterson
2. Sandra Brown
3. Danielle Steel

It's just odd to me that I used to enjoy these authors so much, James Patterson in particular, but I no longer have any interest in reading any of their books. I wonder if anyone else has had this happen and what your reasons for losing interest are. For me I feel like James Patterson just keeps churning them out and all the stories have gotten stale and very bland. For Sandra Brown and Danielle Steel, I just don't have any interest anymore. There isn't even really a reason there! 

What about you all? Have you ever lost interest in an author and refused to read any more of their books? If so, which authors and why?? 

Or what about a particular genre? Has anyone just lost complete interest in a whole genre? 

Discuss with me!! :)

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