January 11, 2017

Little Heaven By: Nick Cutter Review

Thank you to Gallery Books for providing a free copy of Little Heaven in exchange for an honest review!

Let me start off this review by saying that Little Heaven was my most anticipated release of 2017. I absolutely LOVE The Troop and The Deep by this author. So that is why I am sad to say that I liked this one, but I didn't LOVE it. I can't help but feel a tad bit of disappointment. Little Heaven is so close to being a spectacular and epic book, but it was just missing something.

Part of my issue with Little Heaven is the beginning. The book started off a little slow and I had a hard time getting into it. It finally started to pick up around 100-150 pages in, but then there were some slow parts again. The last half of the book or so was pretty strong and fast-paced though. I'm glad I did push forward and get to that point because things did get a lot better.

I liked the concept of this book and the story is very interesting, but like I mentioned before there is just a disconnect somewhere. The characters are okay, but I didn't like or dislike anybody enough. I was almost a bit apathetic about all of the characters. I am glad that the book had a few parts that were pretty creepy. I think that's what saved the book from being terrible for me.

Overall I liked Little Heaven, but I feel like it had so much potential to be great and it just wasn't. There are some very good and CREEPY parts in the book that made it worth the read. If you can get past the beginning. I just really wish that I had loved this one more like I was expecting to. 

I do recommend this one if you are a Cutter fan, however if you haven't read anything by him before then I suggest reading The Troop or The Deep first. 

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