September 25, 2016

Weekly Updates & Recommendations (9/19/16-9/25/16)

Well I don't know what happened, but this week either went by fast or I didn't really do a lot. I took care of my family, read some books, went to the pool a couple of times, worked on my blog, listened to some music, and watched some stuff. It was a very chill week honestly, other than the migraine from hell I had one night. My favorite part of the week though was on Friday when I went to my local library's book sale!!! I'll do a book haul below of course. 


Reading: The Bazaar of Bad Dreams By: Stephen King and Pretty Wicked By: Kelly Charron. 

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Watching: I'm still watching Castle. I also watched the first two episodes of AHS recently. What do you all think of the new season? I think I've been up, down, and all over the place with it so far. I liked it at first and then the second episode I didn't. So we'll see I guess. 

Listening To: Can't Stop the Feeling By: Justin Timberlake. I have to admit that I was pretty meh about this one at first, but then it grew on me some more. Also, I think this is the first JT song that I have liked in quite a while. 

AngelErin's A+ Cover of the Week 

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AngelErin's Book Pick of the Week: My review is coming soon! 

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For my recommendations this week I decided to recommend a website/app. Why just one rec this week you may ask? Because this one app is all that you need!! Libib is a website/app that you can use to catalog your books, music, movies, and video games. I use it religiously to keep track of my books! I haven't expanded into my DVD collection just yet, but it's been a huge lifesaver as far as books go. I have over 1,300 books (DON'T JUDGE ME!) and when I go out book shopping sometimes I forget if I own a book already or not.  I think we've all bought a book before that we already owned. Or maybe my memory is just that bad lol. Either way, now while I'm at the bookstore I can just pull out my phone, open the Libib app, and search my library on there! There's many ways you can add books to the app. There's a barcode scan, you can enter the ISBN #, or you can manually add it in. There's also  a ton of other fun features to help you catalog that you can play around with. 

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For the record, I was not asked in any way to promote or share this website/app. I just really freaking love it!! I highly recommend it to anyone with a crazy book collection like me. 

This week I also have a book haul to include!! As I mentioned before, I went to a library book sale. My library has them twice a year and I love to go and get goodies for SUPER CHEAP. I got a pretty eclectic selection I think and a few of them are middle grades that my sons will read also. So here's my haul from the book sale on Friday! 

Okay so that was my week! I can't complain. Things are going pretty well for the most part over here and that's fantastic. How was your week guys?!!? I hope it was wonderful! 

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