September 23, 2016

#TooMuchAlbert The Other EInstein By: Marie Benedict ARC/DNF Review

Thank you to NetGalley for providing a free ebook copy of The Other Einstein By: Marie Benedict in exchange for an honest review. 

Short Review Summary: 
I wanted to know more about Mileva and her love of science.  

Before I heard of The Other Einstein, I had no idea who Mileva was. I didn't even know that Albert Einstein had a wife. So when I read the summary for this book I was really ecstatic to learn more about Mileva. I wanted to know who she was as a person and what her contributions (if any) are to science while being swept up in a fictional story. Sadly, this book was not at all what I expected. 

I started off really enjoying the beginning of this book. I wasn't loving it, but I was liking it. I couldn't wait to find out more about Mileva and if she contributed anything to the field of science herself or if she assisted Albert Einstein at all. Instead the book is more about her and Albert's courtship. I feel like Mileva's brilliance is very overshadowed by the romance with Albert. I started to lose interest as the book went on and then a little before the halfway point I started to get really annoyed. Here we have Mileva, a woman who was outshined by her husband, and I was hoping this book would let her shine a bit. Too bad the book is still too focused on Einstein and their romance. 

Overall I had to DNF The Other Einstein due to these issues. I did like the friendships between Mileva and the other scholarly ladies in the book, but that alone couldn't save the book for me. Basically, I really needed more Mileva in the story. Maybe things would have gotten better if I kept going, but if it hasn't happened by about the halfway point then I can't expect it to. Also if the writing isn't drawing me in by that point, then I have to be done. 

I can't recommend this one, but perhaps it's better if you really know first what you're in for. Also, maybe I just need to see if there's a nonfiction book about Mileva instead. 

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