July 12, 2016

Top Ten Tuesday- Ten Facts About AngelErin! I'm Dull, But Cray-Cray.

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature/meme hosted here at The Broke and the Bookish. The topic this week is Top Ten Facts About Me.

Okay, so Top Ten Facts About AngelErin. Well I'm not that interesting really so this was a hard one to do. Honestly. I left this post till last minute because I don't know what to say about myself.  I've never been anywhere cool, I don't have any special talents, and pretty much I just stay home being a mom and wife. All pretty boring really, but well here's ten facts about me anyway! I tried to pick things that aren't written in the "About Me" section on here. 

1.  In person I talk really fast. Sometimes people need me to repeat myself because my words will slur together. My handwriting is the same way, there aren't a lot of spaces between words and it's all loopy.

2. I have days where I feel like a badass Leo lioness that can conquer the world and other days where it's a struggle just to get out of bed or shower. I don't talk about it much, but I have been diagnosed with Bipolar disorder and PTSD.  I don't want to discuss that in detail on here, but my Twitter DM inbox (@erinld2005) is always open if anyone needs a friend. 

3.  I'm the most loyal person you will ever meet, until I'm treated wrong. Then I can hold a grudge longer than anyone. 

4.  I'm definitely an introvert and while I can be super social I always need time after to recharge. I can go for a long time without talking to anyone because I need alone time. It's not personal. 

5. Have you ever done the Myers-Briggs personality test? I am an INFJ which is really rare and I feel like it's the first personality test that is legit and actually gets me. 

6. I want to move to the UK so bad. I've never been, but I feel like that would be perfect for me. 

7. I dislike the colors brown, yellow, and orange. They're just ugly colors in my opinion! 

8. I could live off of Mexican food. Okay, Tex-Mex food. I do live in Texas, don't judge me. :P 

9. I can no longer drink tequila. I used to love it, but for over 10 years I haven't been able to drink even a little without getting sick. Thanks to TOO much tequila times in the past, but I won't get into that. :x 

10. I try to keep it lowkey online, but I'm pretty weird in person. Once I'm comfortable with someone it really comes out. My poor husband is the only one that sees just how weird I can get. Poor guy. 

Well so sorry, that was pretty dull! Haha. I really had no clue what kind of things to put for this. I don't know what people want to know about me. I'm cray-cray. The end. LOL! What are some facts about you? 

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