May 12, 2016

The Reflections of Queen Snow White By: David Meredith Review

First off a big thank you to the author for providing an ebook copy in exchange for an honest review. Thank you!! 

I have seen The Reflections of Queen Snow White around on a few other blogs and it looked like an intriguing story. So when the author sent me an email request to read and review the book I was really excited! This is definitely a story that is up my alley and I was extremely curious to see what happened to Snow White after the happily ever after. 

This book begins about thirty years later (I think it was thirty, don't quote me.) and Prince Charming has died. Due to this Snow White is very melancholy and is having a hard time moving on. Even though her daughter is getting married and needs her, Snow White is depressed. I felt a lot of emotion for Snow White throughout the whole book. Whether she was sad, angry, hurt or whatever the author did a great job conveying these emotions to the reader. Which I really LOVE that in a book. 

While I can't say this is a new favorite book, it was very enjoyable. I read most of it in a day! Once I really had some time to sit down and read it really flew by. So it was definitely an engaging read as well as enjoyable. The writing flows really well and I was just fascinated by what an aging Snow White is up to now. However, there was just something missing for me. There wasn't anything in the novel that was BAD, but I feel like it needed MORE. It seemed pretty short and I think there were more things that could have been explored. The ending was a little rushed and a little too abrupt for me. 

Overall The Reflections of Queen Snow White was pretty good and very enjoyable. This was not an Earth shattering or perfect read for me, but definitely one worth reading. I just wish that the story had been longer and really expanded upon. 

I recommend The Reflections of Queen Snow White for fans of fairy tales and retellings. Also, for anyone just interested in what happened after Snow White's HEA. 

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