May 9, 2016

The Haters By: Jesse Andrews DNF Mini Review

I won The Haters from the Goodreads Giveaways program. Thank you to Goodreads!

Guys, I'm sorry. I've seen lots of love for this book, but it just was not for me. It's a shame because I was so THRILLED to have won it from Goodreads. I just could not get into it. I did not care for the characters at all. The writing style was not for me either. I also don't think the humor of the novel was the kind of humor that I enjoy. Even though I was not enjoying the novel I did want to give the book a longer shot, but there was one thing that majorly pissed me off.  I know that Wes and Corey are haters and that is their thing and that's completely fine. What I was not fine with however was when Wes was talking about how he used to like Kool and the Gang until Corey came along and told him they were cheesy. Then Wes hated their music. Um, follower much? I'm sorry, but I CAN'T stand it when people like things and then stop because someone else doesn't like it. Well that made me be a hater towards Wes and I don't even care to find out if he eventually learns to just be himself or whatever. 

Overall despite a promising premise (and EXCELLENT cover) The Haters just was not for me. There was nothing good about it and so I DNF'd it. Perhaps this would be a good book for some out there, but I can't recommend it. I do recommend borrowing this one from the library if you are going to give it a shot though. 

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