April 25, 2016

The Halsey Book Tag

I saw this tag here at Nick & Nereyda's Infinite Booklist and I love Halsey so I just had to do this one! The tag was created here at Paper Riot.  I just love Halsey's music and I was so thrilled to see this tag. I tag anyone that would like to do it. 

Castle- Your Favorite Queen

I picked Queen Levana for this one, even though she is a villain. I chose her because her character is very well done and intriguing. 

Hold Me Down- A Series You Just Can't Seem To Quit

Luckily I have finally stopped reading this series, but it took me ages to finally give up on it. I just loved this series so much for the first ten or so books. It used to be one of my favorite series and so it was so sad when it became too much about sex and Anita's character just wasn't the same anymore. 

New Americana- The Fictional Friend Group You'd Want To Be Your Fight The Apocalypse Squad

Hey if Ali, Cole, Frosty, and the rest of the gang can kick zombie butt then certainly they would be handy in the Apocalypse! 

Drive- A Couple That Needs To Communicate Better

I swear Mac and Barrons communication skills are non-existent. 

Hurricane- Favorite Standalone

Technically The Picture of Dorian Gray is my favorite book and since there is no sequel it would be my favorite standalone. However. just to switch things up I picked my 2nd favorite standalone! 

Roman Holiday- Cutest Contemporary Couple

Noah and Allie of course!!

Ghost- Most Tragic Break Up

While I am 100% team Wessa, I was still sad about Tessa & Jem. Although if you've read the books you know how cool that triangle turns out! 

Strange Love- Character A Lot Of People Don't Get But You Love

I can't think of one!

Coming Down- Best Sexy Times Scene

I can't remember what book it was, but there was a scene in one book where both people were magic users. They both used their magic during sexy time and it was hot, hot, hot. I can't recall the book though. :( 

Haunting- A Book Or Character You're Still Thinking About

Oh yeah, still thinking about this one. 

Gasoline- Favorite Self Destructive Character 

Well this made the list anyway. Haha. Dorian Gray is the epitome of self destructive and my favorite literary character so I just had to pick him.

Control- Best Villain

Dolores Umbridge. Yes, even over Voldemort. 

Young God- Characters That Secretly Worship Each Other

Not sure if it really count as a secret, but Katy and Daemon. 

Walk The Line- Best Retelling/Reworking

Does mythology retelling count? If so then definitely The Percy Jackson Series! 

Is There Somewhere- OTP With Obstacles 

Blue and Gansey. 

Empty Gold- An OTP That Became a NOTP

Cassia and Ky. Or Cassia and Xander. By the end I didn't even care anymore.

Trouble-  Toxic Relationship You Ship Even Though You Know Better

Alina and The Darkling. I'm sorry, I ship it!! I ship it even more than Alina and boring Mal. 

So that's it for The Halsey Book Tag! If you haven't heard Halsey's music yet then I definitely recommend you give her a listen. :D What books would you pick for these?

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