December 4, 2015

Auburn: Outcasts and Underdogs By: Valerie Thomas Review

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A big thank you to the author for providing an ebook copy in exchange for an honest review. 

Auburn: Outcasts and Underdogs is about a girl named Ashley who is not exactly Miss Popularity at her school. The book begins as she is dealing with bullies at school, a mother who works a lot and has a new boyfriend, and starting a band with her friends Charlie and Joey. 

My favorite thing about this novel is how well written Ashley is. I found the character to be incredibly realistic and easy to relate to. Okay, for me it's more like relate to for back when I was a teen...many years ago. :P  I love that Ashley isn't perfect and by the end of the book she still isn't!

I also really enjoyed the music aspect of the book. I read For The Record not too long ago, (Here's the link if you want to read that review- For the Record Review), and so some of you may know that I am a huge music fan. Books + Music = <3 So of course I really liked the band parts of the book. The lyrics to the songs are great as well. If I had to pick which lyrics are my favorite then it would definitely be "Jaded." 

I think the only minor thing that I just didn't care for about the book was Charlie. Charlie just got really annoying, like REALLY annoying, as the book went on. I don't want to give any spoilers away, so I will just say that by the end I couldn't stand him and I hope in the next book that he gets better. Or that the situation with him gets resolved in a really good way. I would love to see some character growth there. I also probably could have done with a little less of the bullying plot, but I do think that plot line is an integral part of the book. I just could have used a little less personally, but it wasn't a big deal or anything. 

Overall I think Auburn: Outcasts and Underdogs is worth a read. I am really glad that it did cover an important subject, but that it didn't come off as whiny or preachy. I can't wait to read the next one in this series! I really want to know what will happen with the band, the bullies, the mom and her boyfriend, and with Charlie. 

I recommend Auburn: Outcasts and Underdogs for fans of underdogs & anti-bullying, coming of age novels, and books with music themes. 


  1. I do love music in books, it is just so much fun! Great review!

  2. It is so great when the characters feel realistic. The added music theme is nice too. Wonderful review.

    1. So true! I hate when a character seems too far fetched. :)

  3. Fantastic review as always!

    I also tagged for in my original tag!

  4. I've not heard of this one or the author! I like the focus on music - music is a big part of my life! I'm glad you enjoyed this one, Erin. :)

    Great review!

    Alyssa @ The Eater of Books!


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