June 20, 2018

The Thousandth Floor By: Katharine McGee Review/List (There is a small spoiler section.)

I'm sorry guys, I did not like this one. I always feel bad when I do a review for a  book that I really disliked, but at the same time I do want people to know why. Instead of just seeing a star rating on Goodreads. Which by the way, I very...very...very rarely give a 1 star rating to a book that I did NOT DNF. So here is me having to get mildy ranty and why my rating is so low: 

1.) To start off the entire beginning is extremely confusing. There are too many POVs and they change back and forth too rapidly. I had to keep flipping back to remind myself who was who. Later, the POV situation did get a little smoother. It was so rough for quite a bit at first though.

2.) The "world building," if I could even call it that, is a complete disaster. By the end of the book I STILL did not have a full grasp on the world. There is too much focus on teenage gossip girl drama. So I don't understand the point of it being set in the future? The book never completely came together for me. 

3.) The ending. I kept on reading because I was waiting for a big reveal and I was hoping for some actual substance at the end. I was disappointed. It ended how it began. Rich people with their ludicrous drama. Which is mostly centered around relationships and frenemy type friendships. Oh, and everyone in the book (except for one character I liked) was crazy and/or using people to get what their rich spoiled self wanted. Specifically Avery. Who was one of, if not THE, most horrible character and yet the author kept making it seem like she is a good little angel. SMH. 

4. Skip this one and go to the IN CONCLUSION section if you don't want SPOILERS!!!


****I'm serious guys MAJOR SPOILER ALERT!!!!****

Okay, now if you are reading this spoiler section YOU WERE WARNED! lol. :P So... here are my MAJOR issues. There is a rape that is very glossed over. A female drugs and rapes a male and it's never brought up again. Wtf? Also, there is a bisexual girl and her girlfriend who isn't as much of a major character like the bi girl is...so of course really the only main LGBTQ character dies. Another wtf? How come in so many books the only LGBTQ character is the one that dies? That is so sad and ridiculous. Another issue I had is that I feel like the book is all about having money and being beautiful/looking perfect (SPECIFICALLY WHITE AND BLONDE.) UGH. Well sorry, but another thing I have an issue with is the creepy relationship between a sister and adopted brother. Nasty. I don't care that he was adopted at age 7 or whatever. They were raised as siblings and that is so disgusting to me and I don't want to read about it. So here we are...a is rape ignored, the only main LGBTQ character dies, there is some racism, looks and money are all that matters apparently, and when it comes down to it...incest. 

IN CONCLUSION- (No more spoilers!)

Overall, I wish I had known about all of these issues ahead of time because I would not have read it. I sure as hell will not be continuing with the series. I feel like this review may come off as brutal or harsh. Even though I know a lot of people enjoyed it, I can't ignore how many major issues there are with it. 

I can't recommend The Thousandth Floor to anyone really. Sorry if you are someone that did enjoy the book, but I personally can't recommend it. At all. 

Side Note: Can anyone help me figure out how to hide just a spoiler section in my review here on Blogger? I have no idea. :/ 

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