December 14, 2016

Things We Have In Common By: Tasha Kavanagh Review

I won a free copy of Things We Have in Common By: Tasha Kavanagh on Goodreads in the giveaways. Thank you to Goodreads and the publisher! 

Short Review Summary:
Wow, I'm still stunned by this book. 

I have to be honest this is a hard review for me to write. Things We Have in Common is such a great novel, but I am finding it difficult to put how I feel about it into words. Also, I want to make sure not to give anything away. 

Things We Have in Common is not your typical YA thriller. This book is not quite what I expected, it's better. It's surprisingly dark and will leave you reeling after reading it. The writing is addictive and I HAD to stay up late to finish binge reading it in one day. This is one that once you start, you can't stop reading till you're finished. 

As for Yasmin, I am so torn on how I feel about her. I felt bad for her and all of the horrible things she went through, but at the same time she creeped me out a little. Also, she's definitely an unreliable narrator. I feel like I had to question everything. Especially since she fantasizes SO MUCH. Once I got to the end of the book I was still questioning everything. Speaking of the ending, it is a PERFECT ending!! My only tiny complaint about the book is Yasmin's mother. She was so oblivious about Yasmin and it drove me nuts! 

Overall I enjoyed Things We Have in Common and it's one I will be thinking about for a while. I'm still a bit stunned by this book. It was thrilling, captivating, and unexpected. Fantastic debut by Kavanagh! I can't wait to read more from this author.

I recommend Things We Have in Common for ALL thriller fans. This is one that should not be missed. 

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