November 3, 2016

And the Trees Crept In By: Dawn Kurtagich Review

Short Review Summary: 

After I read The Dead House (which I LOVED!) I was even more excited to read And the Trees Crept In. I was really hoping that this one would be just as good and I'm happy to say that it is! I definitely have a new favorite author here. Everything about And the Trees Crept In drew me in and worked for me. The characters, the suspense and tension, the what the hell is going on aspect, the writing, the format, and the creepiness. 

From the beginning I had a few ideas about what was going on, but I'm happy I was wrong! I had one big guess from the beginning and I wasn't even close. WHAT?! :D I really love stories that keep you guessing, and are even a bit confusing at times, and this one definitely kept me on my toes! 

I really love the build up of tension in And the Trees Crept In. Some parts are a bit slow building, but it's done well and I was never bored. I really cared about Silla and Nori and what would happen to them. This is the kind of story that I feel like you HAVE to care about the characters or it will be a big fat fail. So I'm THRILLED that it was done so well. Also, I liked Gowan quite a bit and his whole role in the story.

The format (like The Dead House) reminded me of House of Leaves. Which is one of my favorite books and it's a style I really enjoy. It's fun and with books like this (that are a bit of a mind screw) it works really well with the story! I will say that the ending is fantastic and everything did end up making sense. So no worries there guys!

Overall I absolutely LOVED And the Trees Crept In. As I said before, I have a new favorite author! I'm already anxiously awaiting her next novel. I'm extremely curious what her mind will come up with next. I guarantee I'll be buying it. 

I recommend And the Trees Crept In for fans of House of Leaves, The Mara Dyer trilogy, and other books that have excellent twists and are mind f**ks! 

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