October 10, 2016

Dead Man's Curve By: Alex Van Tol MINI Review

Thank you to NetGalley for providing a free ebook copy of Dead Man's Curve By: Alex Van Tol in exchange for an honest review.

Short Review Summary:

Dead Man's Curve is a super short story that I read in under an hour. Which is probably a good thing otherwise I may have rated it lower. So...hmm... how do I describe this book? I suppose it could be compared to an acid trip or something like that. The story started off pretty normal, predictable even, but then things got really strange.

I don't mind strange, but when it's hard to figure out what is happening that's when I get irritated. Honestly this book is a little too far out there for me in some parts. Mostly because NOTHING MADE SENSE. There's not enough story to go with this illogicalness. This is the main issue that I have with the book.

Overall I'm still not really sure what to make of Dead Man's Curve. I'm torn about it because I did like some parts, but it's not one that I will remember later. Even the oddness won't help and that's a shame. Also, I really wanted this to be scary or creepy and it wasn't because it's too ridiculous. 

I can't personally recommend this one, but if you like trippy stories maybe you would like this one. 

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